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Government research: 95% feels TM is easy, effective, valuable

“No other ‘stress management technique’ has anywhere close to TM’s amount of hard data in support of its claims to reduce stress.”
Norman Rosenthal, MD, U.S. National Institutes of Mental Health

Over the past 8 years, the Department of Education of San Francisco has conducted 17 Transcendental Meditation (TM) studies in 4 schools. A survey revealed that:

The research showed:
Reduced anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger, suspensions, mood disturbance.
Improved attendance, academic performance, sleep quality, self-esteem, strength of character, social and emotional competency, graduation rates.
Reduced anxiety, depression, emotional exhaustion, burnout.
Improved resilience, emotional intelligence, brain integration

A survey amongst teachers showed that they found TM much more valuable than other professional development programs.

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“The Quiet Time Program [TM in education] is the most powerful, effective program I’ve come across in my 40 years as a public school educator. It is nourishing these children and providing them an immensely valuable tool for life.”
James S. Dierke, Executive Vice President, American Federation of School Administrators

450 schools around the world have now implemented the Transcendental Meditation technique as part of their curriculum, supported by governments or governmental institutions in the U.K., Brazil, Mexico, U.S. and dozens of other countries.

Transcending = far more than relaxation…Why TM is so successful

Six million practitioners and 40 years of research confirm that Transcendental Meditation is the most successful relaxation method in the world, because it creates a far more profound state of rest than ordinary relaxation.

A research from Harvard Medical School showed that when the mind transcends, the body comes into a state that is far deeper than even deep sleep, and goes there far more quickly (Ref. Scientific American 226:84-90 1972). 

This deep rest allows the body to remove even the deepest traumatic stresses effectively, often in a matter of weeks. In a study with war veterans suffering from PTSD the TM group saw such significant improvements that after three months 70% of veterans were healed, while the control group who received standard psychotherapy saw no improvement (Ref.Journal of Counseling and Development 64: 212–215, 1985).

cnn no background The effects of TM on traumatic stress were so impressive that CNN reported it (see CNN video) and armies in Ukraine, Equador and the US now support it.

This video shows examples of how powerful TM is to reduce stress, and why more and more scientists, celebrities and governments now support the TM technique.


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Do you have 90 min to discover how everything can change?

“I have tried meditations but I could not do it. I concluded that I’m apparently incapable of meditating…when I learned TM it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done… I got my entire family to learn.”
Cameron Diaz

The first step to learning TM is simply to attend a free info seminar where you can:

  1. meet your local teacher,
  2. hear in more detail how the TM technique actually works and what you can expect from it,
  3. ask any questions.

This free info seminar is without obligation to take the further course.

A full TM course consists out of 4 sessions of 2 hours to learn the technique plus a follow-up program over the next 6 months to refine the experience. People who learn once can retake the course for free at any time during the rest of their lives. The course fee (all included) is 600€.

As a non-profit the TM organisation generally teaches school projects for free, as long as salary costs of the teachers and administration costs can be covered. Ideally schools send some of their own teachers on training to become a TM teacher. The David Lynch Foundation can offer financial support to cover even those costs for any pilot project in a country.

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