minder negatieve gedachten

Decreased Negativism in Prison Inmates

Maximum security prison inmates who learned the Transcendental Meditation Programme were found to have decreased negativism in comparison to controls.

Reference: Criminal Justice and Behavior 5: 3–20, 1978.

Meer positiviteit

E49-IncreasedPositivityCogThe practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique was found to foster increased positivity of cognitive style, as measured by a selective recognition task. A cross-sectional study found higher positivity among participants in the Transcendental Meditation Programme than in controls who were waiting to start the practice. A second longitudinal study found an increase in positivity among those who learned the practice after 14 weeks.Ref.Y. Sakairi. What does meditation change? Measurement of cognitive styles. In The embodiment of mind: Eastern and western perspectives. Delft: Eburon Publishers, 1998, pp. 57–66