Hugh Jackman: TM Changed my life

In recente interviews in de UK edition of the Huffington Post and met Oprah Winfrey besprak Hugh Jackman de fundamentele rol dat Trancendente Meditatie gespeeld heeft in zijn persoonlijke en professionele leven. Hier is wat hij vertelde:

“Meditation Has Changed My Life”

Hugh Jackman“Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. It makes me calm and happy, and, well, it gives me some peace and quiet in what’s a pretty chaotic life!” *

“The activity of being a husband, a father—those are roles, too, but underneath them is the spiritual center that connects us all, and that’s what’s most important.” *

“In meditation, I can let go of everything. I’m not Hugh Jackman. I’m not a dad. I’m not a husband. I’m just dipping into that powerful source that creates everything. I take a little bath in it.” *

Toen men hem vroeg hoe hij tijd kon vrijmaken voor Transcendente Meditatie in zijn drukke leven, antwoordde hij:

“Everyone takes a shower every day, and we don’t complain about it. We do it out of discipline. There will always be an excuse not to meditate…. The ego says, ‘You don’t need to meditate, man. You’re really busy. What about the kids?’ But do I say, ‘I can’t shower today because I have to make time for the kids?’ No.” *

* Er is geen garantie wat betreft de resultaten, ze kunnen van persoon tot persoon verschillen